Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineering · Oxford, Oxfordshire
Department Software Engineering
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Contract Type:  Permanent

Location:  Our Oxford office/hybrid with up to 4 days a week working remotely

Salary:  At Oxford Ionics we are looking for the best talent to join our team and we believe in paying them what they’re worth, so we provide highly competitive compensation packages including equity.

About Us

Oxford Ionics is a start-up building Quantum Computers to revolutionise industries from cybersecurity to material design. Quantum Computing offers a radically new way of building computers that harnesses the power of quantum physics to exponentially outperform conventional supercomputers. We are using unique trapped-ion technology to build the first Quantum Computers that can realise this potential.

Based in Oxford with our team working across Europe and beyond, we are an agile, ambitious company who champion creative thinking in a fast-paced environment at the cutting edge of technology


We’re looking for skilled, motivated software engineers who will thrive in our growing team of expert engineers and scientists.

This role offers a wide variety of exciting work, from developing our quantum compiler, to writing embedded firmware; from designing high-level APIs as part of our quantum computing stack, to advancing our internal development infrastructure and process. It’s ok if you aren’t an expert in all these fields, we just hope you’re excited to work in a subset of them.

Our technical team are all highly skilled and committed to working together to achieve exceptional results. You’d be joining a team of three enthusiastic software engineers.

Our technology stack includes Python, Rust, FPGAs, analogue and digital electronics, qubits and more!

You might be a great fit for this position if any of the following apply to you

You have experience writing embedded software

Our quantum control systems involve custom hardware and real-time constraints. Are you an embedded or “hardware-aware” software engineer, keen to apply your skills to a cutting-edge field? Are you looking for a job where you can exercise a variety of technical skills, alongside writing firmware? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

You are an experienced compiler developer or computer scientist

Do you have experience implementing complex algorithms for optimally transpiling data into different representations, such as those used in modern optimising compilers? Do you have knowledge of integer programming algorithms? If you’re an experienced compiler developer or computer scientist looking to apply your skills to an exciting new field, we’d love to hear from you.

You enjoy working at the boundary between software, hardware and physics

The role will involve working closely with our world-leading quantum scientists to design software that powers our quantum computers, making it an exciting opportunity to learn about a variety of technical fields from expert colleagues.

Communication skills are always valuable, and in a cross-functional team they are even more crucial. We’re keen to hear from people experienced in translating complex technical needs into useful software, who can balance requirements management with the uncertainty of working in unexplored problem domains.

You are confident balancing autonomy and collaboration

We are a small, growing technology company offering a friendly and collaborative work environment, along with significant autonomy. We’re looking for someone with a high level of initiative who will thrive in this environment. You’ll do well in this role if you’re able to independently plan and execute solutions to problems large and small. Equally, your ability to seek input and discuss issues with co-workers from a variety of technical backgrounds will be key.

Our technology stack includes

  • Python and Rust
    • Much of our software is used by our scientists when executing routines on our quantum hardware. The APIs used by the scientists are all Python-based.
    • We are developing a custom optimising compiler for quantum circuits, which is written in Rust and Python.
    • The firmware components of the instrumentation and control system we use, ARTIQ, are written in Rust. We will be customising and extending this firmware to improve performance and add new features.
    • FPGAs and SoCs
      • We’ll be developing custom hardware and gateware to extend our hard real-time (<1 ns) distributed control system.
    • Qubits
      • The quantum core of our hardware is built from trapped-ion qubits, controlled by chips designed and built in-house by our microfabrication team.

      You will have some flexibility over your tools, like which editor you want to use, or which operating system. We use Git for our version control.

      Why work with Oxford Ionics?


      We care about building technology that empowers people to do the impossible, whether it’s designing new drugs or solving complex optimization problems. Oxford Ionics is an inclusive and supportive work environment, with the resources to learn, grow, and work collaboratively to develop cutting-edge technology.


      You will be working to solve unique, never-before-solved challenges with a world-class team of scientists and engineers. We work across fields including algorithm design, microfabrication, opto-mechanical engineering, vacuum design, and radiofrequency electronics.


      You will be well-supported by a team that brings experts from a wide range of disciplines. We have a non-hierarchical structure, which allows everyone to contribute to finding the right answer; we’re excited to learn from the unique insights that you will bring.


      Our labs are located in Begbroke Science Park close to the beautiful city of Oxford, with great transport links to the university and rail links to London. We are able to sponsor visas for skilled workers, so applications from outside the UK are welcome.


      We accommodate flexible working hours and up to 4 days a week remote work is possible with this role.


      We offer highly competitive compensation packages including equity, a cycle to work scheme and, as of September, we will also offer a healthcare package.

      At Oxford Ionics we know that diversity of thought and different approaches to problem solving breed innovation. We are looking for the most talented people with diverse backgrounds, lives, cultures and perspectives to support our ground-breaking work. Our policies and practices around holiday, flexible working and inclusive parental leave are here to support you. 

      If you're smart and good at what you do, we want you on our team

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