FPGA Engineer/Senior FPGA Engineer

· Oxford, Oxfordshire
Employment Type Full-Time

Contract Type: Full-time
Location: Begbroke, UK. Flexible and partial remote working will be considered. We are able to sponsor visas for skilled workers, and applications from outside the UK are welcome.
Salary: We provide highly competitive compensation including equity.

About Us
Oxford Ionics is a start-up building Quantum Computers to revolutionise industries from drug discovery to material design. Quantum Computing offers a radically new way of building computers that harnesses the power of quantum physics to be exponentially more powerful than conventional supercomputers. We are using unique trapped-ion technology to build the first Quantum Computers that can realize this potential.
Located in Begbroke Science Park with great transport links to Oxford's beautiful city centre and University as well as London, we are an agile, ambitious company who champion creative thinking in a fast-paced environment at the cutting edge of technology.

Find out more about us at https://www.oxionics.com/careers.

Our Technology
Our quantum computers are based on microfabricated ion trap chips, holding chains of ions tens of microns above the chip surface. We use each ion as a quantum bit, to hold and manipulate quantum information. The ions are controlled using laser beams, DC, RF and microwave fields, and we measure the qubit states using photon detectors or CMOS cameras.
We coordinate the ion control and measurement down to the nanosecond level across hundreds of I/0 channels, using an open-source FPGA-based control system known as ARTIQ/Sinara, which we are developing and expanding. Our ARTIQ/Sinara systems consist of multiple rack-mount I/0 and central controller boards; the I/0 includes arbitrary waveform generators between a few and several hundred MSPS, high-stability DC-coupled sources, and RF generators up to ~1 GHz. We generate the FPGA firmware of the boards using migen, and the boards mostly use Xilinx 7-series and Zynq chips.
Multi-device synchronisation, high datapath throughput between devices, and more efficient sequence encoding are all areas we are actively working on, and ultimately we aim to create scalable 'unit cells' to control independent zones in our ion traps.

Role and Responsibilities
We are recruiting our first dedicated FPGA engineers at different levels of seniority, to design and implement the next generation of our experimental control architecture. As a member of the new team, you will develop new FPGA firmware with an emphasis on digital and mixed­signal hardware control, DSP, optimising datapath throughput and latency, and multi-device synchronisation. You'll be working with our software engineers and physicists, and our future electronics engineers.
As the new hardware and firmware evolves, you will also be responsible for maintaining and debugging the build and testing process, and help to ensure that the systems function robustly in the lab. This will involve automating simulation and HITL testing.

You might be a great fit for this position if...

You have real-world experience with complex FPGA projects.
Are you looking to work in a cutting-edge field whose technological rules are still being written? If you find writing HDL fun, you find optimising dataflow in complex designs lots of fun, you see timing violations as a challenge rather than a headache, and simulation is in your blood, please get in touch! Experience with Verilog and tools/technologies including Verilator, Migen, open-­source architectures such as RISC-V, and Xilinx FPGAs is all highly valuable.

You enjoy making grand architectural visions happen, not just putting out the fires burning right now.
You like to understand a bit about the PCB-level electronics of the boards your FPGA chips are mounted on, as well as what the embedded firmware and instructions/data running on the FPGAs is all about. You prefer being involved in planning out multi-layered systems from the beginning, rather than being handed a set of requirements, and your knowledge of the whole technology stack helps you spot issues well before it comes to implementing the plan.

You have a desire to learn and take on new challenges.
You function well with unfamiliar challenges. You enjoy learning from colleagues who have a very different knowledge base to you, and enjoy sharing knowledge so that they may learn from you too. You are a strong communicator who is confident enough to ask questions and able to recognise when you could be doing something better. At the same time, you must be motivated to use your initiative and tackle big problems.

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