Photonics Development Engineer

· Oxford, Oxfordshire
Employment Type Full-Time

Contract Type: Full-Time

Location: Begbroke, UK. Flexible and partial remote working will be considered. We are able to sponsor visas for skilled workers, and applications from outside the UK are welcome.

Application Deadline: 18th June 2022

Salary: We provide highly competitive compensation including equity.

About Oxford Ionics

Oxford Ionics is a start-up building Quantum Computers to revolutionise industries from drug discovery to material design. Quantum Computing offers a radically new way of building computers that harnesses the power of quantum physics to be exponentially more powerful than conventional supercomputers. We are using unique trapped-ion technology to build the first Quantum Computers that can realize this potential.

Located in Begbroke Science Park with great transport links to Oxford’s beautiful city centre and University as well as London, we are an agile, ambitious company who champion creative thinking in a fast-paced environment at the cutting edge of technology.


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Our Technology

Our quantum computers are based on microfabricated ion trap chips. These chips, built using our custom multi-layer process, have patterned metal structures which serve to confine individual atomic ions tens of microns above the surface. Optical components can be integrated into the dielectrics that separate the metal layers to deliver and collect the light required to control and measure the ions. This light needs to operate in the near-UV to near-IR wavelength range, (approx. 375 nm – 900 nm). Integrated photonics serves to deliver laser light to individual ions across a large chip with high power efficiency and low crosstalk – see this animation from MIT Lincoln Laboratory for a hint of what this may look like.

Role and responsibilities.

We are seeking a highly motivated engineer to work on our optical integration efforts. You will work closely with our integrated photonics designers to develop the processes required to carry out measurement and characterisation of the functionality of our photonics chip. Your role will involve validating the performance of on-chip optical elements against requirements whilst collaborating closely with the chip design and fabrication teams as well as external partners to optimise the performance of the devices.


Examples of challenges you might encounter include:

  • Collecting requirements for, designing, implementing and improving the test systems for characterisation of our integrated photonics.
  • Performing characterisation and validation of our integrated photonics to determine if they do what they are intended to.
  • Feeding your findings back into the design of integrated photonics.
  • Cryogenic packaging processes for light coupling.


You might be a great fit for this Position if…

You have experience with photonic or optical devices

Do you have experience working with novel PICs or optical devices in the telecom band? Perhaps you have worked on characterising visible optical beams in free space? Maybe you have worked in packaging devices to interact with the outside world? If you’re excited to use your experience to tackle similar problems in a completely new domain, we’d love to hear from you.

You love working in a hands-on environment

Do you thrive on drawing insight from data collected despite the limitations of realistic experimental techniques? Are you confident in your ability to design and execute precision experiments in the lab? Will your experience of designing and executing precision test systems for characterisation help us gain insight into our challenges? If so, we would love to hear from you.

You have a background in integrated photonics

Have you worked on fabrication or design of integrated photonics? Do you have experience making, testing or packaging optoelectronic components, passive photonics or anything related? Although you will not be fabricating devices, your experience will help you understand the main challenges involved in turning our designs into reality. If you are interested in using your experience to help us build useful photonic chips faster, we would love to hear from you.

You have a desire to learn and take on new challenges

You function well with unfamiliar challenges. You enjoy learning from colleagues who have a very different knowledge base to you, and enjoy sharing knowledge so that they may learn from you too. We’re looking for someone with strong communication skills who is confident enough to ask questions and able to recognise when you could be doing something better. At the same time, you must be motivated to use your initiative and tackle big problems.

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